Reel Print

We recently relocated our factory to a larger premise's. Initially we engaged an electrical contractor who we thought would be able to upgrade the mains to our new factory and relocated our machines. They proved to be unreliable, not turning up at pre-arranged times, unorganised, and just continual delays, and we simply could not afford to persist as we were out of production and time meant a lot of money.

We called AGS... the very next morning they were waiting at my front gate for me to open up.

AGS were responsive to my needs and fully understood the urgency of my situation as I needed to get my new factory up and running in a hurry. They were thorough in their investigation of my requirements, asked my time frame, quickly provided a quote, co-ordinated the materials and labour and go the job done.

In the end AGS finished what the other guy started and in addition got our new press up and running as well. I was relieved to be back in production.

Nothing was a problem... I can't thank them enough...

Peter Van Den Bemt



Kodak's Graphic Communications Group is a unit of Eastman Kodak Company, the world's foremost imaging innovator. The Graphic Communications Group provides commercial printers, packaging printers, publishers, data printers, and enterprises with one of the broadest portfolios of technologies, products, and services in the graphic communications and document capture industries.

For over a decade AGS has been our service partner, providing national support for our plate processing and handling equipment. Installations, warranty support, emergency breakdown service, spare parts logistics and a host of other services as they arise.

Partnering with such a professional outfit has been a real benefit to Kodak. It has given us a competitive edge and allowed us to focus on our core business activity... sales.

"Service is the point of difference that gives our customers piece of mind"

Peter Hook

Manager - Newspapers & National Accounts

Pack Creations

Situated in Mulgrave Victoria, and Seven Hills in Sydney, Pack Creations is the creation of two leading companies in their fields, Label Creations over 10 years and Flexpack over 40 years in business. Pack Creations is a specialised and dedicated company that prides itself on performance consistency and efficiency.

Recently we ordered and installed a new Gallus EM410S label press which meant relocating some of our existing presses within our factory as well as installing the new press. We put the project out to tender, however given the importance of the installation we had to be confident that we were getting a quality job at the right price and it would be done on time.

We chose AGS to assist us with this project because of their professional approach, their ability to work with us to complete all stages of the project within our time constraints and of course because of the expertise of their staff.

Without a doubt we made the right choice, and as we say at Pack Creations...

"A service is only as good as the people who provide it"

Steve Bonanno

Operations Manager