At AGS we represent a wide variety of pressroom and pre-press suppliers to bring you the best of what you need every day. Our highly skilled and qualified Account managers can assist you throughout every step of the printing process. We can supply almost everything you need to run your day to day print operation Ctp plates, inks and chemistries, blankets and jackets, knives and tapes and everything in between.

View product brochures below:

Pantone Inks CMYK Inks Satin Sealer

CTP Violet Plates CTP Thermal Plates

Pantone Master Powder Blankets Blanket & Roller Washes Solvents Inkjet iCtp DPX Plate Material
Cobra Varn Under Packing Plate Cleaners Fuji Violet Silvermaster Paper
Satin Sealer Verco Under Blankets Deglaze & Rejuvenators Fuji Thermal Silvermaster Polyester
--- Nikka Ink Duct Foils Fountain Solutions Agfa Analogue Deletion Pens
--- --- Impression Jackets Shellite Agfa Imagesetting Film Addition Pens
--- --- Wash up Blades Alcohol --- Eye Glasses & Loopes
--- --- Wash Up Cloths --- --- ---
--- --- Blue Net --- --- ---