Welcome to CRON, a company that supplies the printing industry with new and innovative Pre-Press products to achieve the best quality solutions in the marketplace

Technology Imaging technology that matters

Cron CTP technology is capable of up to 128 laser channel, it has new cooling blocks which give longer life and more stable output. Cron Ctp systems use single-channel Laser Diodes, the benefit is substantially lower replacement costs, and a far lower probability for replacing the complete set.

Stability Unique Drum Technology

Flatness tolerance ±5um – Straightness ±5um – Drum-clamp dynamic balance – Unique Clamp design – Anodised hardening surface treatment – Compartmentalised vacuum control – to suit both large and small plates – Min. plate size of 240X320MM for 4-up CTP (36-series).

Durability Quality beyond expectation

Easy to service – Easy to upgrade – Long lasting
Because of the nature of Cron CTP structure with consistency, stability and quality, the product lifespan can easily surpass other products that require propitiatory parts.

5 Year Warranty Reducing the cost of ownership

Reduce the cost of ownership and have peace of mind with Cron’s guaranteed 5 year parts warranty.

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