Re-Defining the direction of conventional print...

CRON’s mission is to help printers everywhere improve the quality and efficiency of their output while reducing viable print runs, turnaround times and costs. Our advanced technology CTP devices are at the heart of our ‘Conventional Digital Print’ (CDP) initiative, which focuses on end-to-end print delivery including supply of plates, peripherals, processors and on-press ancillaries.

New - 46 Series CTP

The Classic Design - G+ Series CTP

The updated G+ series CTP adheres to the traditional advantages of CRON CTP. Through technological innovation, stability and compatibility to the limit. The new generation G+ series CTP can totally satisfy customers requirements for a high-quality dot and for stable, reliable and long-lasting operation. in addition to all of these features it is the most cost-effective CTP available today. 

Globalization of Cron

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