Finally! Efficient Transfer Cylinder Jackets

Globally, Printer’s face many common problems. If you aim to run a smooth and efficient operation, you likely have experienced interruptions caused marking from ink buildups on your transfer cylinders. Sound familiar? As sure as night follows the day, plenty of your time cleaning stubborn jackets will follow these signs of marking. This worldwide problem results not only in downtime but also increased wastage.

Jesse Ongarello, lead printer at EZ Print is glad to have found a perfect solution; “The Red Jackets we have recently implemented have made an incredible difference to our operations.” The Jackets are made up of a glass bead matrix with solvent resistant adhesive layered on an extremely durable fabric. Jesse says; “previously, our runs were being affected by jackets prematurely collecting excessive build-ups. This created ridiculous amounts of downtime spent cleaning and refitting jackets.” Exclusively available through AGS, the Red Anti-Marking Jackets have an expected life of up to three years.

EZ Printing Managing Director Danny Mayson says that “jobs are getting out the door more efficiently but also with a high standard of quality. Customers are happy which means I’m happy!”

The investment in Red Anti-Marking Jackets at EZ Print has proved to be a leap forward in efficiency and print quality, while helping to reduce long-term operational costs. By addressing a common industry challenge with a superior, yet cost-effective product, AGS has built on its offering to forward-thinking printers. The AGS team takes pride in providing a total package of innovative and efficient systems to customers like EZ Print, and is available today to discuss your printing needs.

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