FUJI SUPERIA Processless Thermal CTP Plates

Fujifilm’s most advanced printing plate ever, with a combination of technologies that exhibit higher ink receptivity with faster development on press, and a wider tolerance of different press conditions, ink formulations and fount solutions.

Processless plate production represents the simplest way to make plates. Once the plate has been imaged in a platesetter, it is mounted directly on the press where the removal of the plate coating has been cleverly integrated into the start-up of the press. There is complete elimination of the processor, associated chemistry, energy required to power the processor, water and waste from plate production

Superia ZD:

Advanced processless thermal CTP plate

Fujifilm’s next generation processless plate is ready to advance your commercial offset production to new levels of efficiency. With excellent robustness, Superia ZD delivers high run lengths and consistent quality. It is also UV ink compatible.