Highlight Printing Upgrades to Direct On Press CTP With AGS

Melbourne based Highlight Printing, recently invested in a new Workflow and Cron CTP.  The business headed by Father and Son team Joe and Adam Puglia have been providing trusted service and quality printing for over 40 years.

The Founder Workflow included RIP, Imposition and Trapping coupled with a Cron H-series TP2616 CTP were provided by Australian Graphic Servicing (AGS).

Highlight Printings Managing Director Adam Puglia identified that the business could use a technology upgrade of their plate making systems.  Adam said “Our old subscription-based workflow and processing violet offset plates with chemicals has served its purpose well.  However, I am all for improving our environmental footprint and taking advantage of the latest technologies, so I reached out to AGS to see what they had to offer”.

AGS Sales Manager Andrew Dunn said “We were able to tailor a solution that provided space savings, automatic punching & feeding offering a new level of automation with no water, chemicals or expensive heating.  All this allows the operators to focus on preparing jobs instead of feeding plates and become more productive”.

Established by Joe Puglia in 1977, Highlight Printing continue to offer a personalised service with attention to detail at competitive pricing to their corporate clientele.  Joe said “I am proud of the direction Adam is taking our business.  This latest technology update brings efficiencies to our plate making operation and boosts overall production capabilities”.

AGS Managing Director Glenn Maynard said “later this year AGS will tick over its 30th year in business.  During this time, we have established ourselves as an industry leading sales and service provider.  Joe and Adam have a wealth of knowledge and are highly regarded, and it excites me to be able to work with champions of our industry and assist them in their business”.

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