Pre Press Supplies

At AGS we represent a wide variety of pre-press and pressroom suppliers to bring you the best of what you need every day. Our highly skilled and qualified Account managers can assist you throughout every step of the printing process. We can supply almost everything you need to run your day to day print operation CTP plates, inks and chemistries, blankets and jackets, knives and tapes and everything in between.

Kodak’s Process Free Plates – Sonora Press Ready Technology

It is Kodak’s press ready technology that enables KODAK SONORA Process Free Plates to bypass processing and have the un-imaged plate coating removed as part of the press startup sequence. Press ready technology uses the basic principles, mechanics, and components of lithographic printing to prepare the image on the plate for printing. With SONORA Plates, in almost all cases, a printer’s current press setups, sequences, inks, fountain solutions, and blankets can be used successfully. Press ready technology also works with integrated and non-integrated, conventional and continuous dampening systems and for printers with automatic startup sequences. It all happens seamlessly as part of the regular press startup.

Pre-Press Supplies




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