Fastbind Binding

Hot Melt and Staple binding

Perfect Binding :

Fastbind hotmelt glue binders are considered the most versatile perfect binding machines on the market. Personalized hardback books are easy to make in any formats up to A3+ and with thickness up to 50 mm (nearly 1000 pages)

Staple Binding:

With the BooXTer series of binders, you can make a versatile number of fully or
partially personalized hard cover books up to 160 pages* thick (up to 400
pages* using Fastbind BooXTer Zero Max). The only Fastbind supplies
you need are a pair of BooXTer end sheets, Printable
tacking sheet and the custom cover materials.

Fastbind PUREVA NEO Perfect Binder

Perfect binding still remains one of the most versatile binding methods available. Being quick and economical, hot melt binding is used everywhere: professional printing houses, binderies, copy shops, offices etc.

With Fastbind system, hardcover books are now also possible for very small to medium runs, with no setup times from one format to other or even switching from soft cover to hard cover. Personalized hardcover binding is easily made on tabletop machines with no special training.

New Fastbind hot glue binders use PUR glue as well as EVA with minimum time for cleaning and maintenance. Check below to decide which glue may be best for your needs.

Fastbind BooXTer Duo

Demanding strength and durability of the books BooXTer binding is for you. Fastbind BooXTer line uses a unique concept of precision side – staple binding. Being very easy to make, BooXTer bindings are economical yet professional looking.

Create professional quality company reports, catalogues, yearbooks, books and much more.

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