Pre Press Equipment

AGS are a leading supplier of Computer to Plate Systems and plate processing equipment for the printing and packaging industry, whatever your budget whatever your turnover we can supply a system that will meet your needs.

Computer To Plate (CTP) CRON

Ctp products have a full range of systems that span the entire spectrum of press formats with each format available in either UV or Thermal versions. Different models within each series enable users to tune their production to productivity or budget requirements. Each CTP device can be used stand-alone, or be fully automated with inline punching, transport, delivery and processing. Alternatively, each can be upgraded, item by item, to fit future growth expectations.

H Series All-in-One Thermal CTP

The model H, packed with technology inherited from its parent products, is the next generation of CRON Thermal CTP. The H-series 3-in-1 fully automated system offers high performance alongside improved convenience and cost efficiency for all types of Commercial and Packaging applications.

Computer To Plate (CTP) ECRM

Violet Systems AGS are registered dealers and service suppliers for the ECRM range of Violet platesetters. For new and used equipment sales along with any technical inquiries or spare parts requirements call our customer service team on 1800 221 410.

Computer To Film (CTF)

Eastcom CTF Laser Image setter products are high precision, full automatic, 60m roll film on-line laser imagesetter without any dark room is a product developed by East com. This machine works with advantages of full automatic operation, accurate dot recovery and high repeat ability.

Eastcom DXseries

DXSeries high precision color laser Plotter is designed and produced by EastCom, which has many years experience for developing and producing Plotter. Automatic precision film-feeding, and reserve manual film-feeding novel figuration, humanization design, convenient operation, stable performance. monitor and display the whole process and status real-time with graphics and letter by large-size LCD.

PlateWriter Direct Image Inkjet Systems (ICTP)

A PlateWriter™ system from Glunz & Jensen, is an all-inclusive solution to in-house plate making. Everything you need to start making plates is included – from the imaging engine and finishing unit with automated gumming station, to the Harlequin RIP with its own powerful hardware platform – without extra cost or space requirements. There is no need for a processor, oven, rinse unit or conveyors. All you need to get started is a box of the PlateWriter’s™ process-free aluminum plates, sized to fit your press.

Glunz & Jensen plate processing

Processors AGS are the agents for Glunz & Jensen plate processing for offset and flexographic equipment, we can supply single processing units for the offset plate market up to full line processing and exposing for the flexographic industry. AGS technicians have been factory trained and we carry an extensive range of spare parts for all popular models