Welcome to AGS Print Finishing equipment supplies, we supply and service a wide range of equipment binding, stitching, guillotining and Finishing systems. All equipment is supplied and services by the AGS team throughout Australia.


Since 1950 Indústria de Máquinas Miruna dedicates itself to the manufacture of machines for industrial stapling, producing equipment for the printing industry, laminated wood boxes for produce farmers, corrugated cardboard boxes, and the furniture industry.

Miruna model 3

Miruna model 3 stitching machine, widely used in the postpress – printing and publishing market, has high performance stitching blocks, magazines, notebooks, books and catalogs. Developed in 1950 under a strong and durable project, it´s system was built targeting both high-performance and small runs. It is versatile and takes up little space. Easy to operate, applies 200 staples per minute up to 25 mm, equivalent to 250 sheets. For more security, better speed and productivity we indicate the use of Miruna stitching wires.


Faldo Print Finishing Equipment is manufactured by the Docucompany Ltd in the United Kingdom. The Faldo paper cutters, hot-melt binding machines and paper folding machines are designed to European standards. Faldo Print Finishing Machines are designed to exacting mechanical and electrical specifications with a pleasing, user-friendly design and intuitive operating controls.
Perfect binder with a separate active side glue reservoir. The small perfect binder with a professional result. Perfect binder with a binding length of 32cm and a max. Binding thickness of 50mm. Producing up to 220 books per hour, the FO-88411 is ideal for short-run, on-demand applications. Creates perfect bound and padded books.
The full swing technology guarantees a smoother cutting cycle and a more accurate cutting cycle with an exact cutting depth every blade movement completely dependable of the blade speed. Direct drive gear paper clamp for an equal pressure of the clamp left and right, no matter what you are cutting: a pile of A-3 or just a business card.


The Mamo SQ 320, a booklet maker designed for heavy duty use, can punch and fold up to 30 sheets (70gsm). Its feeding length of 61cm enables production of Square Backed A4 landscape booklets. Up to four stapling heads can be installed (s staple heads are included in the machine). It allows operation in manual or automatic mode


Fastbind offers a wide variety of finishing and bookbinding solutions for digital, on-demand and short runs prints with personalized hard or soft covers.


Fastbind unique FotoMount system allows you to make high quality professional lay-flat mounted books or photo albums. These high end products, with stored in them memories, make the most wonderful keepsake of all.

Fastbind Casematic

With the advanced Fastbind Casematic H46 Pro™, you can produce professional tailor-made cases in the format of your choice, in a matter of minutes. Design the cover of your dreams and print it on your digital printer (laser or inkjet). Then, just follow the easy steps on your Casematic H46 Pro to produce the actual case or cover.

Superior Manufacturer of UV & Aqueous Coating Equipment

Enhance the look and feel of your printed materials using Kompac’s coating and priming technology

EZ Koat 20 Plus UV/Aqueous Coating & Curing System for Cut-Sheets

Suitable for both small and large jobs, the EZ Koat 20 Plus can be used offline to produce jobs on-demand, using sheets up to 20.5” wide. For users looking to produce higher volumes, the EZ Koat 20 Plus can be placed inline with large format printers to create an automated workflow solution. Using the Kompac conveyer system, printed sheets are automatically sent to the EZ Koat 20, where they are flood coated, cured and re-stacked.

BN Technologies

Provide Print Finishing Solution with Special hardware such as UV Varnish Coater, Photo Book Binding Machine, and A3 Wide Auto Cutting/Creasing Systems

Bni Digi UV Coater

The Digital Multicoater is a three in one system for UV, primer and water based liquid coating. Digi UV coaters are compatible with most offset, digital press, ink jet and photo based prints. The design of the Digi Multi Coater allows for simple operation from start to finish

The Auto Cutting & Creasing System Bni720

has been manufactured to meet the needs of the growing number of digital printers who have asked for a highly accurate, low cost, easy to use multifunctional finishing device.With run lengths becoming shorter and jobs being personalised or printed with no go over’s it is essential to have an accurate, easy to use reliable finishing system; and that is exactly what the Bni720 is.

iECHO Cutters

IECHO was founded in 1994, and with more than 20 years development on cutting technologies is now the leading manufacturer of digital cutting systems

PK Automatic Cutting System

PK automatic intelligent cutting system adopts fully automatic vacuum chuck and automatic lifting and feeding platform.Equipped with various of tools,it can quickly and precisely make through cutting,half cutting,creasing and marking.It is suitable for sample marking and short-run customized production for sighs,printing and packaging industries. It is a cost-effective smart equipment that meets all your creative processing.