Miruna Stitching Wire

STITCHING WIRES – Printing Industry

Miruna stitching wires provide high production performance, avoid waste and represent a real benefit to your post press line. They come in vast diameters and treatments to allow greater protection against oxidation. Produced within international specifications and under strict quality control, Miruna wires can be used in all stitching machines and are present in the graphic industry worldwide.

STITCHING WIRES – Packaging Industry

Miruna packaging stitching wires are produced specifically for application in corrugated boxes, wood and plastic. The wire is manufactured with the best raw materials, ensuring that when the wires are shaped into staples they do not break, work fluidly through the machine´s stitching heads, without damage to the staple or machine.

MODEL 3 – Postpress – Graphic Industry

The Model 3 stitching machine, widely used in the postpress – printing and publishing market, has high performance stitching blocks, magazines, notebooks, books and catalogs. Developed in 1950 under a strong and durable project, it´s system was built targeting both high-performance and small runs. It is versatile and takes up little space. Easy to operate, applies 200 staples per minute up to 25 mm, equivalent to 250 sheets. For more security, better speed and productivity we indicate the use of Miruna stitching wires.